PeachJar Community Free eflyer Guidelines

All flyers submitted for free distribution will be reviewed by Peachjar for verification of eligibility and must comply with the following requirements:

  • The program, service, or resource directly benefits children and does not require participants to qualify, has no enticement for future fee-based programs, and does not serve the purpose of fundraising, collecting donations, or allowing for the purchase of products or services.
  • The organization is not nationally recognized and physically resides within the boundaries of the school district it wishes to distribute to.
  • The organization is not receiving fees or revenue from vendors participating in the event.
  • Submissions are limited to one flyer distribution to one school district every 30 days. If a community organization wishes to distribute to more than one school district or more frequently than every 30 days, the community organization can choose to distribute a standard flyer, subject to Peachjar's fees.

Peachjar reserves the right to determine final eligibility. Contact Peachjar at 858-997-2117 for more information.