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Good news from the Music Department! Congratulations to a clearly talented group of performers!!

The SJMEA Solo & Ensemble Event is a regional event where students perform in smaller groups (solos up to groups of 16). We had a handful of students participate. They selected their songs, prepared them, and performed in front of a judge. Each entry receives a rating:
  • Superior (highest)
  • Excellent (second highest)
  • Good
  • Fair
High School
The following students performed at Sehome High School on January 25th. The high school event is also a competition and a couple La Conner students placed.
  • Victoria Hayes - Piano (Solo)
    • Superior, 2nd Place
  • Ashley Davis - Bass Clarinet (Solo)
    • Superior, 3rd Place
  • Aubree Jolly - Mezzo-Soprano Voice (Solo)
    • Excellent
  • Charity Jordan, Isabel Dowrey, Victoria Hayes - Percussion Ensemble
    • Superior
Middle School
The middle school version of the event is not a competition (ratings only). It occurred at Kulshan Middle School on February 1st:
  • Sammy Williams - Trumpet (Solo)
    • Superior
Congratulations to Victoria, Ashley, Aubree, Charity, Isabel, and Sammy!