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La Conner School District welcomes Heather Fakkema-Hovde as Preschool/Elementary Principal

Heather relocated to Pleasant Ridge from Oak Harbor. Heather has a strong background in instruction and PBIS. She has a passion for music, arts, travel, and family. She also has leadership experience as a teacher-leader and from running her own business. She previously had experience tutoring autistic children and helping them with their prosocial behaviors. Heather recently attended a presentation with a scholar from Victoria, BC who worked with First Nation schools in Canada. She's been studying the framework used by this person to assist in raising achievement for cohort of students from 0% proficient in kindergarten to 92% proficient by the end of 2nd grade.

Heather was raised on Whidbey Island and is an Oak Harbor High school graduate. She earned her undergrad degree from Seattle Pacific University and taught elementary school for a few years before she decided to take a leave from teaching to raise her family. After living in Seattle and working in other industries for several years, she returned home to Whidbey and to teaching in 2010. Her love for students and learning, and her experience in business, inspired her to pursue her administrative credentials. She is thrilled to pursue this new adventure in La Conner. When not at school, Heather enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, reading, and the arts. She is still a devoted mom, even though her three kids are grown. Her dog, Stevie, is her replacement child.