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Open Public Meeting Act Violation

May 24, 2019



On Monday, May 20, the Board considered Resolution 18-08 regarding the employment of Ms. Georgia Johnson. As superintendent, I had an interest in preserving the confidentiality of our employee. The Board and Ms. Johnson had seen the resolution and the evaluation in advance of the meeting. That being said, the Board and I did not fully comply with the Open Public Meetings Act, and thus we consider the action taken on the matter at that meeting to be null and void. I sincerely apologize for the error and the confusion and frustration it has caused.

We all recognize Ms. Johnson as a long-standing member of our community and recognize her contributions to the District and in the community. 

To address concerns we have received, the Board of Directors has again expressed its willingness to meet with Ms. Johnson in a closed executive session meeting of the board.

We are advised by legal counsel we may publicly disclose that the general issues connected to this matter involve financial management and employee relations.

The Board of Directors has scheduled a public Special Meeting to be held Tuesday, June 4, at 5:30 PM, in the District Board Room, to act on Resolution 18-08. The agenda will be published in Board Docs and will include the entire text of Resolution 18-08.


Whitney E. Meissner