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Braves Space for Parents/Guardians - Mark your calendar, we hope to see you at our workshops!

Mark your calendar - We hope to see you! Please join us when you are able and let us know if you have topics you would like to see covered.

Our Counseling Center will be holding monthly workshops on lots of different topics this year.  They will be held on the first Friday of the month, beginning this Friday, October 5th. Workshops will begin at 8:15 and last for 45 minutes. 

Upcoming Workshops:

Friday, October 5th:  Navigating Skyward. There is so much information available on Skyward!   Beginners to Advanced welcome!

Friday, November 2nd:  Marijuana Prevention. Prevention Counselor Christine Valdez will provide parents and guardians with timely information about Marijuana abuse.

Friday, December 7: Middle School Survival Guide!  Middle School is so important! Children’s brains grow more during these years than at any other time (except infancy) in their lives.  Bodies are changing, emotions are intense and feelings are fragile.

Friday, January 4, 2019:  Hidden in Plain Sight.  Prevention and Intervention strategies for parents
Friday, February 1, 2019:  High School and Beyond Plan
Friday, March 1, 2019:  Path to Graduation
Friday, April 12, 2019:  Testing 101
Friday, May 3, 2019:  What do Juniors need to know about Seniors