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School Closure Information. Click here for more information

School Closure Information:

Tuesday (January 14): CLOSED. No preschool.  No out of district transportation.  



Notification System/Transportation Information

Flash Alert Sign-up Information

Dear Parents:

With the warning of severe weather in the next few days, please take this opportunity to remind yourselves of school procedures should it become necessary to begin late or cancel school due to weather conditions.  In the event that we close school, we will alert FLASH ALERT first (see instructions below on how to subscribe to Flash Alert).    

In addition we will update the district Facebook page, district website and also notify Seattle–based television stations including KIRO, KING, and KOMO; radio stations KBRC (AM 1430) and KAPS (AM 660).
An announcement of Emergency Routes Only”  means that bus service will not be provided to roads included on the Emergency/ Snow Route Plan.

Flash Alert Sign-up:

To receive the most up-to-date emergency information about our district, I encourage you to sign-up for an automatic Emergency Flash Alert text or email from our school district by doing the following:

1)             Go to our school website;

2)             Click on School Closure Information from the menu on the left;

3)             Click on Seattle on the map;

4)             Click on North Puget Sound Schools;

4)             Click on La Conner School District;

5)             Follow subscription prompt to receive Flash Alert Message from our school district.

If you do not hear that school is closed or late, assume that school will be operating on schedule.  School will be dismissed early only when a severe safety or health factor is involved. As long as we are warm and have water, we usually try to finish our regular school day.  If it is determined that students must be sent home early, an announcement will be broadcast by KBRC and KAPS radio, and sent out over the Flash Alert System. The elementary school will contact as many parents as possible by telephone.

The safety of La Conner students will be at the heart of any decision made.  If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call. 



1.   Shelter Bay Drive past Klamath Drive:  Meet at the Shelter Bay Clubhouse 

2.   Tallawhalt Lane and Squi Qui Lane:  Meet at the bottom of Squi Qui Lane and Snee-oosh Road 

3.   Indian Road and Pull and Be Damned Road: Must provide your own transportation

4.   Front Street:  Walk up to the corner of Pioneer Highway and Moorage Way 

If you have questions or concerns, please call Transportation Supervisor Kim Pedroza at: