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La Conner School Board 2023 Annual Community Letter

As we reflect on 2023, the year is filled with many celebrations and some new challenges.  We are accountable to our community and all the students in our district to strengthen excellence in education through equity, with a focus on individual student success, using our strategic plan as a guidepost.


We celebrate the recognition of Madison Huscher, our Middle School Science Teacher, as the NWESD 2023 Teacher of the Year representing Whatcom, Island, Skagit, and Snohomish school districts.  In addition, we would like to recognize all our staff for the outstanding work they do each and every day working with our students on academic achievement and building positive student behaviors.


We received the top state award as the 2023 School Board of the Year and our first Board of Distinction award.  This honor is in recognition of board leadership to identify and address positive student achievement to meet state standards.  For the past couple of years, our focus has been on math by investing in a new math curriculum for all grade levels.  The adoption of Late Start Wednesdays allowed our staff to work collaboratively on Universal Design Learning, Mastery-Based Learning, and Personal Learning Communities to address individual student learning gaps.  We look forward to continued academic achievement in all subject areas, with our new focus on early reading competencies.


One of our biggest and unexpected challenges of the year has been our financial situation.  Springtime was a very difficult time as we right-size our staff to our student enrollment, which is holding steady at 500 students.  Our budget targets for a year-end balance of around $1.2M- $1.5M, which is about 10% of our budget as a safety net.  Due to some misrepresentation, we over-spent our approved budget which unexpectedly eliminated this reserve.  We are confident with our newly hired, experienced business manager we are on track to resolve this situation and be in a stronger financial position in the near term.


La Conner is a very special place.  We appreciate all the support of our community as we dedicate our time and passion to ensuring our students at La Conner receive the education, development, and support to be successful in 2024.


Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season and Happy New Year.


La Conner School Board of Directors

Susie Deyo, Jeremy Wilbur, John Agen, Loran James, and Kim Pedroza


WSSDA La Conner School Board of the Year Award Journey