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We are all deeply affected by the trauma of another school shooting in Texas at an Elementary School.

Our communities pull together in times like these to support each other, to be kind, and to be brave. As we all process what has happened and more news is presented about this tragic event, our communities may have questions, concerns, and support needs. Our children, our staff, and members of our communities may need someone to process their feelings, emotions, and physiological reactions to this tragic event. Our counseling staff, our District nurse, our support staff, and administration are here and available to support you and, if appropriate, connect you with outside resources.
Safety is a high priority for us in La Conner. Our School Board has authorized us to invest in district-wide safety, health, and security staff, and systems such as district-wide nursing, mental health professionals, school psychologists, counselors, security personnel, AEDs, access controls, security cameras, and sensors to address the safety, health, and security of our students, families, staff, and guests. We invite you, if interested in serving on our Safety and Emergency Management and Response Team, to contact Bobby Vaughn, our Director of Operations & Planning at
We take pride in our loving and caring school communities. If you are struggling and need support, we are here for you. We care about every student, family, staff, and community member and we know that we’ll be kind and be brave and support each other through this.
Be Kind - Be Brave,
Will Nelson, Superintendent