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LCHS Families filled the library to celebrate the successes of their students, who are members of the La Conner Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Kendall Lee, Morgan Huizenga, Natalee Koch, Isa Gonzales-Rojas, Christian Fix, Corran Eisen, Jarrett Hatch, Josie Harper, Kennedy Miller, Finn Hakenson, Josie Adams, Abigail Udlock, Brogan Masonholder, Zaira Najera Davalos, and Hallie Walls for your strong leadership, moral character, and excellent academic standing (3.5 or better) and your commitment to our community.
Former LCHS National Honor Society Member Katie Cram gave solid advice in an entertaining speech. "Sometimes you learn more from failing than you do from winning" and "It's not about how "smart" you are, it's about how hard you work."
Photo credit Cedarbrook Studio