Please visit our Classroom Current Events Page to look at student work and read updates from our kids and families.
    Tuesday, June 16th at 7:00 pm   
    Please check your email for the invite, or email
    me for a new invite.
    Kids, if you need help with anything, we can schedule a
    Zoom meeting or a phone call. 
    Science: Keep working on your Salmon Choice Board.
    Reading/Social Studies: New England Colonies
    Assigned Reading: New England
    Social Studies/Reading: Colonies Assignment
    Assigned Reading: Geography of the Colonies
    Finish strong on the last week of the
    May Math Facts Challenge.
    Writing: Haiku Poetry
    Social Studies: The Silk Road
    Keep Working on your May Math Facts Challenge. 
    Obi Wan
    "These are facts you're looking for."
    Reading/Social Studies: World Travel and Trade: The Silk Road 
    Keep working on your May Math Facts Challenge.
    Luke Skywalker
    5th Grade work for the week of May 1-7
    Please click on the links below:
    If you want to check out books from the
    LCSD Libraries, please see this FLYER.
    Play the Survive the Sound game and help save the salmon.
    Join us to help save the Pacific Northwest’s iconic salmon and steelhead – the fish orca need to survive!

    We're participating in Survive the Sound. This online game uses funny fish avatars to represent real steelhead (a fish similar to salmon) that were tracked during research efforts led by a local nonprofit, Long Live the Kings. The tracking data lets scientists understand why the fish are dying.

    Join our 5th Grade team here: 5th Grade Pod LC 98257

    Come pick your favorite fish at SurvivetheSound.org and join our team, 5th Grade Pod LC 98257. A larger team increases our chances of winning with the most surviving fish. From May 4-8, we’ll watch the fish migrate from their natal stream to the Pacific Ocean and see who survives. If you’d like to do even more, consider donating or signing up to volunteer with Long Live the Kings!

    Hey Kids, 
    When you are ready to make your watercolor paintings, you will find all the supplies you need in your envelope. You can cut down those four sheets of paper to smaller sizes. My Pale Male painting is on a sheet of 6x8" paper. I drew it, very lightly, in pencil first. I decided what colors to use, mix, and blend before I started painting. Then I tested the colors on a separate piece of paper before I put paint on my drawing. Plan. Be patient. Take your time. And be willing to start over. I made a few attempts before this painting was finished. 
    Mr. Hunter
    Mr. Hunter's Pale Male watercolor
    P.S. Remember the Baby Yoda Challenge I put out a few weeks ago? If you look on our Classroom Current Events page, you will see four of your classmates have emailed or texted me artwork. All four of those kids found a bag of Nida's legendary, fresh-baked, chocolate chip cookies on their doorsteps. Perhaps you could be equally fortunate... just sayin'.
    Coming soon to a home school, quarantine, kitchen table near you! 
    Math Facts Challenge
    Hello Families:
    Learning packets will be ready to pick up in front of the Elementary School on Friday, April 24 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. If you have work to turn in at that time, there will be a drop box at school as well. Please remember to maintain a safe distance from the other families. There will be gloves and hand sanitizer available. The packets are arranged by the kids’ bus routes.
    On the off chance that you are not able to pick up packets on Friday, they will dropped off on Friday afternoon or evening at the residence you have listed with the school district. If you have packets to returned, please leave them on your porch by 2:00 pm. 
    One of the assignments is to read the amazing story Pale Male, written by Janet Schulman and beautifully illustrated by Meilo So. The kids will be doing some writing and painting based on the story. All the materials they will need are in their packets. The story is in a pdf format. Please follow this link to read the story: Pale Male Story Be patient, as this may take a couple minutes. It's a long story. 
    We will be having a 5th grade Zoom meeting on Monday. Please see the invitation in my most recent email. 
    As always, I miss the kids, and I hope you are all healthy and safe. Please contact me if you need anything. 
    Keith Hunter
    We will be making band instruments available upon request at the LCMS Packet Table. Mr. Clark emailed the form to all families, but here is the link if you are interested: https://forms.gle/1KpHJ3XDojUwmDkP8.
    If families complete the form by Thursday afternoon, Mr Clark will be making their instrument available for pick up this Friday. If you don't fill it out or can't make that time, we will have more opportunities in the future.
    The current issue of Scholastic Magazine is available right now. Please have your kids visit the website and read the magazine. The classroom code is lc_cinco.
    If your child needs a school laptop, please be sure complete the LCSD Technology Survey. Make sure you respond YES to the question: “Our family would benefit from borrowing a device from La Conner Schools during the closure.”
    It has been great talking and emailing with all the kids and families. 
    Please stay healthy,
    Keith Hunter

    Hello Families,

    Ms. Auman and I have homework ready for the 5th grade students. In math, we have four math lessons on division and a menu of activities for memorizing math facts. We also have four reading/social studies lessons from our US history text. 

    These assignments should be worked on over the next four weeks. If you have any questions or need any support, don't hesitate to contact me.

    How will these packets be distributed? 

    • Packets can be picked up at the Elementary School. They will be labeled with your child's name and grade level and placed in the appropriate bin.
    • Bins will be organized/labeled by grade level and set outside the Elementary School front doors on Wednesday, April 1 from 2:00-4:00 pm, and Thursday from 10:00-12:30pm. 
    • Signs will be posted on a sandwich board instructing all families to stay in their cars and approach the bins one family at a time.
    • Packets not picked up by Thursday afternoon will be distributed for delivery that afternoon and Friday by Tribal ESAs and para volunteers.

    We are hoping that we can transition to more online activities in the likely eventuality that this quarantine extends out longer than April 27. I will be calling all of you over the next couple days, April 1 and 2, to get a better understanding of what internet access and devices (laptop, desktop, iPad, smart phone) the kids have available to them. There is an opportunity for our students to check out their classroom laptops (one per family) to use at home if you have WiFi availability. I also want to discuss office hours when kids and parents can contact me for academic support. 

    If you have not completed the district technology survey, please do so as soon as possible. As of Monday, March 30, we only had five responses from our classroom. 

    Also please feel free to keep working on academic activities we sent home in the last couple weeks (below). 

    I am looking forward to talking to you all soon,

    Keith Hunter




    Meals can be picked up or delivered twice a week. Mondays will include two meals and Wednesdays will be three meals. This food service is available at no cost to all students living within the La Conner School District.

    Please click on and complete this survey to let us know if you would like to sign up for meal services: 

    Food Service Request


    The following work is recommended, but not required. Please follow our Daily Academic Schedule to continue your personal academic progress.

    We hope that all the 5th graders will use this time as an opportunity to memorize their multiplication and division facts as well as review addition and subtraction facts. This should be a main focus.

    If you have access to the internet, the kids can log into their IXL accounts on IXL.com. The kids all know how to log into the site, and you will find a parent handout in the envelopes we sent home on the last day of school, March 16. The kids should also visit multiplication.com to play math fact games and take math fact tests. The site will even print flashcards for the facts the kids don’t know. Play Math War with the decks of cards.


    We are sending home two reading logs for March and April. Please help your child find a book to read for pleasure, and talk to your child about the books they read. The kids can write about what they read and keep a journal, write stories or makeup comic strips. The kids can also write or email family members and friends.


    Kids: Explore the world around you. What interests you? What do you want to know more about? Read magazines and newspapers and visit websites. Help with cooking and baking and following and modifying recipes. Test different paper airplane designs. Plant a garden.

    Please stay safe and keep your families healthy over the break. Contact me through email if you need anything.


    Hey! Now that the days are longer and the skies are sunny, you should be wringing every minute of daylight out of your day. Go OUTSIDE for a walk with your family and your dog (or in Noelle's case, with your chickens)! When you're inside, you should be reading a book, talking and hanging out with your family, and limiting screen time. Stay off your phones and pads and pods and see what is happening in real time right in front of you! 
    Remember to read, read, read! And pound those MATH FACTS! 

    Please note that we have a 5th grade student with a severe nut allergy. Do not send any classroom snacks or birthday treats with peanuts or tree nuts of any variety.

     If you are sending in snack food, it has to be healthy, no chips or candies. If you are bringing it in for the class, please be sure there is enough for about 20 kids. They like crackers, cheese, fruit, fruit snacks, nut free granola bars, etc. 

    Keith Hunter
    Please email if you have any questions.
    During the closure, I don't know when I will be at school to get voicemails:
    360-466-3172, ext 1105.
    Updated on 6/19/20
    What are you doing still reading this when you could be reading a Ranger's Apprentice book? What are Will and Horace up to now? Or if you really want to be online, you could be playing games and pounding those math facts at multiplication.com.