In an effort to help us all stay healthy, here are links to two videos IN SPANISH about he COVID19 virus.

    Prevention tips (SPANISH)


    How to wear masks (SPANISH)



    The Tranitional Bilingual Program is a state program for students whose first language is one other than English.  Students qualify for the program based on an English Language proficiency test (The ELPA21 is the full test given each spring.   Students qualify originally with a screener test.).   Students score in one of six levels which determines the service level required, eventually reaching proficiency at which point they exit the program.   

    All TBIP students are also enrolled in the federal Title III program.    (However, the reverse is not true; not all Title III students are TBIP students.)

    If you think your student might qualify for these supports, but aren't sure if s/he has been tested yet, please contact Andy Wheeler at  (360)466-3171 or awheeler@lc.k12.wa.us.

Last Modified on August 3, 2022