• Writing Conclusions

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    Conclusions can be a difficult part of an essay to write because often writers feel like they have already said everything they wanted to say, and there is nothing else to write about.  However, a conclusion serves an important function in an essay and deserves as much attention as the rest of your paper.  The conclusion is often what a reader remembers most!


    To write a successful conclusion, remember the 3 R's!

    1. R = Restate your thesis
    2. R = Restate your reasons
    3. R = Wrap it up
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    Here's the 3 step process:

    1. Restate your thesis in different words.  Remind the reader what the focus of your paper was and what you have "proven."
    2. Restate your reasons or examples that you used in the topic sentences of the body paragraphs.  Summarize and show how all of your reasons fit together.
    3. Wrap it up with your final thoughts and/or a clincher.
      • Final thoughts: Show the importance of the analysis that you have been making in the paper.  What is the last thing you want to say about this topic?
      • Clincher: This is a statement that leaves the reader thinking "Wow!"  It often goes back to your attention-getter in the introduction and mirrors it in some way, or you can make a statement about the future of the subject you've been writing about.