• February 2018
    As I watch the news unfold about yet another devastating school shooting, I felt a need to reach out and touch base with you.
    We are living in uncertain times, yet I am confident that the solution to this epidemic is strong, positive, caring relationships. This is a cornerstone of La Conner Schools, and one I want to continue to nourish.
    We know that there are MANY cases (one just this week in Everett) of people coming forth to share information and prevent violence. I am convinced this happens in places where people have focused on unconditional love for students and staff, where kids and parents know they can trust the adults with such information.
    We are a public school district. We are committed to all kids, all families. Sometimes, that means taking an extra moment to notice the hurts our students are feeling, to notice the anger that is simmering beneath the surface, to notice and extend love to kids that try hard to be "unlovable".
    I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the love and service you show each and every day. Let us continue to be the place that is free from this violence, full of love and kindness.
    Yours in service,
    Dr. Whitney Meissner
    January 2018


    La Conner Schools are thriving. I feel so blessed to be in such an amazing school district surrounded by a caring, involved, and supportive community. Thank you to everyone who is part of our success. As we look ahead to what we expect to focus on in 2018, a few themes come to mind.


    Relationships. We are a people business, and spending time strengthening our relationships is a critical priority. Both within our district as well as the larger community, we hope to build more connections. An excellent example of this is our new and improved after school program, the Braves Club. We greatly appreciate the community support to help this program develop its new structure this year.


    Achievement. The reason school districts exist is to help all kids learn. In addition to our ongoing emphasis on literacy, math, and the arts, we have several new curricular initiatives in progress. These focus on STEM, Tribal Sovereignty Curriculum, and Science and the Swinomish. We are also building a system of professional development for our staff that will provide more time for collaboration to strengthen the teaching profession and student learning. In addition, we are reflecting on ways to empower students to be independent and interdependent learners, as well as to consider how to strengthen the way students engage with their learning on a daily basis.


    Strategic Planning. The district has a Strategic Road Map that focuses on three key areas: Student Progress, Caring Environment, and Communication and Problem Solving. We have built another layer for this work by forming focus groups to consider current and preferred realities, as well as how to achieve our preferred reality. Topics for these groups include Science Curriculum, Safety and Emergency, Since Time Immemorial Curriculum, Technology, Alternative School, CTE Program Development, 2018-19 Training Calendar, Support for Federal Programs, and Facility Use Guidelines. We would welcome parent and community involvement on these Focus Groups.


    Finance. As we begin 2018, we are in a transition between the old and new models of school finance. Our state legislature has significantly overhauled the structure of school funding, and we, along with the other 294 school districts, will have a steep learning curve as we work through the transition. As learning is our business, we welcome this opportunity.


    Relationships. Did I mention relationships? It’s worth stating again. Especially during times of transition, such as onboarding a new superintendent, or shifting school funding systems, there is bound to be confusion and uncertainty. Our greatest assets are each other, and it’s absolutely imperative that we support and strengthen our relationships, especially in times of change.


    Please know we welcome questions, partnerships, and involvement in our schools. We take the word “public” in public education very seriously. We also believe greatly in miracles that happen every day in our schools.

    August 2017
    It is Back to School Eve and excitement is in the air. All district staff joined together for a day of learning on August 28, 2017. The enthusiasm is palpable and brings joy to my heart!
    As we prepare to roll the busses, cook the meals, and teach the lessons, we know this is also a time for families to enjoy their last full day of summer together. Hearing about your precious time together and knowing how important quality family time is, we thank you for entrusting us with your most precious of treasures: the children.
    Our teaching staff is well prepared and features quite a few new faces along with our beloved returners. Please help us welcome:
    • Stacy Silver, Elementary Special Education
    • Megan Lee, 4th Grade
    • Michelle (Moos) Avila - 1st Grade
    • Jake Grantham - Secondary Social Studies
    • Sarah Shipley - Secondary Social Studies
    • Lynda De La Rosa Hernandez - Secondary Special Education
    • Angel Cantu - Secondary Math
    • Lauren Hippenstiel - Secondary Drama
    • Ari Landworth - Primary


    Also joining our district staff this year we have:

    • Samantha Alumbres - Elementary Paraeducator
    • Heidi Darling - Secondary Paraeducator
    • Randy Swift - Transportation Mechanic/Bus Driver
    • Linda Rumbolt - Food Services
    • Jennifer Moyer - Psychologist
    • Ashton Tveter - After School Program Paraeducator
    • Stevie Goetz - After School Program Paraeducator
    • Todd Torgeson - Secondary Principal

    We are also excited to announce our 2017-18 theme, ACE IT! ACE = Achieve * Connect * Engage, and we believe the center of the message is the key to our success - connections with others and each other. Click below to see the image.

    ACE IT!

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to visit our schools or talk with me. My door is open and I'm very proud to be part of this amazing school district.


    360.466-3171 x4006
    Yours in service,
    Dr. Whitney Meissner
    July 2017

    To All Parents, Students, District Patrons and Visitors,
    Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! I am very excited and honored to be serving La Conner as your superintendent. 
    The middle of July is a great time to enjoy sunshine, family, friends, and community. Here in the school district, we are preparing for the start of school. Teachers are engaged in professional learning this summer. The maintenance department is busy working on many incredible projects on our campus. Kids are getting in shape for fall sports and many are participating in summer school.
    I have already begun meeting with individuals and groups to learn more about La Conner and the La Conner Schools. Everyone is consistent in sharing the many wonderful opportunities that exist for kids here, and also what a great place this is to live, work, and play. I invite you to contact me for an appointment to share with me your perspective on what's working and what could be strengthened. My email is wmeissner@lc.k12.wa.us, or you can contact the office staff at 466-3171 to set a time to meet.
    What can you expect from me? I'm here for kids. I want to ensure that La Conner Schools continue to be a nurturing, caring, high quality educational system for all kids. I want people who work here to love coming to work and feel like they are thriving personally and professionally. I want to be visible and accessible for students, staff, parents, and community. 
    My 25 years in public education have afforded me many incredible opportunities. I started out teaching math and English in the Federal Way School District in 1992. From there, I was assistant principal at Snohomish High School for 4 years, followed by 14 years in the Chimacum School District where was a principal, assessment director, athletic director, and facilitated a variety of professional learning opportunities for staff.
    I have been a member of Rotary for several years and recently joined La Conner's Rotary Club. I love the mission of the club: "Service Above Self".
    I look forward to meeting each of you and helping our students and staff open doors and fulfill dreams!
    Thank you for the warm welcome. I am so happy to be here!
    Dr. Whitney Meissner
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