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    Hey! Now that the days are getting shorter and shorter and shorter, you should be wringing every minute of daylight out of your day. Go OUTSIDE and play with your friends! And if you're inside, you should be reading a book, talking and hanging out with your family, and limiting screen time.
    We are going to Bellingham on Thursday, November 15. We will spend the morning at the SMATE (Science, Math and Technology Education) Building at WWU. Then we are off to the Mount Baker Theatre to see a play about Thomas Edison
    Stay tuned for an update about our annual field trip to the Museum of Flight.
    And are you ready for 3 nights and 4 days at Islandwood on January 28-31?
    Remember to read, read, read!
    Keith Hunter
    Shoot me an email if you have any questions.
    Or feel free to call me at school, 360-466-3172.
    What are you doing still reading this when you could be reading the new Ranger's Apprentice book? What are Will and Horace up to now? Or if you really want to be online, you could be playing games and pounding those math facts at multiplication.com.