• Welcome to our 5th Grade classroom website.

    Parents, please check the kids' planners for assignments and be sure to initial their reading minutes every day. 


    The conference schedule is set for October 22-24. We will be meeting for 20 minute time slots in our classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday, but conferences will be held at the Swinomish Gym on Thursday. I still haven't heard from some of you regarding your requested time slot. Please call, email, or return the request sheet I sent home last week. Thanks!

    Tuesday 12:30 to 3:00 pm 

    Wednesday 12:30 to 6:55 pm

    Thursday 12:30 to 3:00 pm


    The Halloween Book Report project has been assigned. The kids have chosen their books, and the reports are due on Monday, October 28. 


    Please note that we have a 5th grade student with a severe nut allergy. Do not send any classroom snacks or birthday treats with peanuts or tree nuts of any variety.

     If you are sending in snack food, it has to be healthy, no chips or candies. If you are bringing it in for the class, please be sure there is enough for about 20 kids. They like crackers, cheese, fruit, fruit snacks, nut free granola bars, etc. 

    Hey! Now that the days are shorter and the skies are turning gray, you should be wringing every minute of daylight out of your day. Go OUTSIDE and play with your friends! And if you're inside, you should be reading a book, talking and hanging out with your family, and limiting screen time. Stay off your phones and pads and pods and see what is happening in real time right in front of you! 
    Remember to read, read, read!
    Keith Hunter
    Send me an email if you have any questions.
    Or feel free to call me at school:
    360-466-3172, ext 1105.
    Updated on 10/15/19
    What are you doing still reading this when you could be reading a Ranger's Apprentice book? What are Will and Horace up to now? Or if you really want to be online, you could be playing games and pounding those math facts at multiplication.com.