Eric Adam - Elementary Technology
    Parents and Students - stay healthy and stay safe.  Exploratory learning activies can be accessed for Grades K-2 in the section below.  Grades 3-5 access your Google Classroom page for activities that you can complete.  These explorations are fun ways to increase your technology learning.  When several students have completed the set tasks I will review them, provide feedback, and update the pages with new exploration tasks.
    Grades K-2
    For technology access Starfall and Raz Kids through the school Library Page.  In addition, ABCYA.COM is a great learning tool.   You may also find the Hour of Code tasks a fun way to learn coding.  Start by working on some of the learning activies we have already completed in class.  When you are done with those, take on a more complicated coding challenge.  Just remember, coding is fun even when you get stuck.   
    Technology is a powerful tool.  None of it compares to the human mind in creativity and power.  It is my goal to show you how to use technology and then to guide you as you begin to take charge of the learning.  Someday you will no longer need me as you will be able to use the basic skills I have shared with you to do your own exploration and learning in technology. In time, you will find areas of interest and areas of technology that you will become an expert in!
    The hour of code is a fantastic way for us to learn a bit of coding.  Below are three different levesl of codibg activities.  Choose one to explore.   More Information about the Hour of Code 
    Beginner Coding
    Intermediate Coding
    Minecraft Hour of Code  https://code.org/minecraft
          Anna and Elsa Hour of Code http://studio.code.org/s/frozen/stage/1/puzzle/1
          Star Wars Hour of Code  http://studio.code.org/s/starwars/stage/1/puzzle/1 
    Advanced Coding
    EXPLORE Other Hour of Code Activities available at https://hourofcode.com/us/learn
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