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    My name is Kasey McKnight, and I am the occupational therapist serving the La Conner School District. I am La Conner graduate, class of 2010 (Go Braves!). I completed my Bachelors in Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University in 2014, and my Masters of Occupational Therapy at Eastern Washington University in 2016. 

    School-based occupational therapy practitioners support academic achievement and social participation by promoting occupation within all school routines, including recess, classroom, and cafeteria time. They help children fulfill their role as students and prepare them for college, career, and community integration. They utilize prevention, promotion, and intervention strategies for mental and physical health and well-being. 

    I have been working to compile resources and online websites for families to access on their own to help their students continue to make positive growth on their skills learned during the school year. I am working on adding more resources as they come up. These resources are activities and/or videos that have been reviewed and approved for efficacy and effectiveness.

    If you would like further guidance or specific activities for your student, please reach out!

    If you would like to schedule OT support via Zoom CLICK HERE in order to select a time that will work for your student. 


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