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    Need help after reading the directions below? Call Brightly, formerly known as School Dude, at 877-655-3833 or Cherri Kahns at 360-466-3171 ext 4001

    La Conner School District is using a web-accessible software application called Brightly, formerly School Dude, FSDirect for facility use requests to reduce the amount of time it takes to handle requests by making it automated and electronic.  You will be able to see if the facility is available prior to submitting your request. These products will allow us to handle each site’s requests readily & have some very handy features. This lets us coordinate, track, report, and manage our schools’ facilities. 

    To register to become a community user or, once registered, to submit a request to rent a La Conner School District facility, please follow the directions below.    


    1. Click here to access the Facility Use Calendar link
    2. In the upper right corner, click on “Log in to Request Facility Use”
    3. Click to Create an Account
    4. Read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the District
    5. Fill out the contact information including name, email address, phone number, address, and password.  All passwords must contain at least six characters and can be made up of any combination of letters, numbers, and/or symbols. Passwords are not required to include any capital letters and are not case-sensitive.
    6. Click Save & Next
    7. Provide organization information including name, address, and type of organization. 
    8. Click Save & Next
    9. Submit Registration

    Your request to become a community user will be routed to the administration for approval.  You will receive an email confirmation once your request has been approved.  Please note that your request will not be approved unless you have supplied the District with a current Certificate of Insurance for your organization.


    1. Go to the Facility Use Event Calendar
    2. In the upper right corner, click on “Log in to Request Facility Use”
    3. Log in using the email address and password submitted as part of your registration
    4. To check the availability of the facility, use the filter buttons to select the location and date(s)
    5. Click the Request Facility Use the tab at the top of the page.  You will have two choices as follows:
    • NORMAL SCHEDULE – This allows you to request from one to up to 20 events. All events should be in the same room(s) at the same time on different dates.
    • RECURRING SCHEDULE –This allows you to request from one to up to 100 events in the same room(s) at the same time over different days. These events are scheduled on a recurring basis (i.e. every Monday and Wednesday for a month or every Sunday for a year, etc.)
    • Fill out the form which asks for the event title, description, school or facility, room or building, date(s), and start and end times.
    • Click Check Availability
    • If the room/building is available, continue to complete all of the questions including the organization name, contact, and insurance expiration date.
    • Request maintenance service as needed
    • Provide event information including the number of adults and children attending, extra chairs required, etc.
    • List additional needs
    • Sign in using your email address and confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions of facility usage
    • Submit your request

    You should receive an email notification confirming that your request was received along with a Schedule Identification Number. Your request will be routed through the proper channels and you will receive an email confirming or denying your request. The system will only review requests which are scheduled to be held over the next 3 months. For more information on how to submit facility requests (click here)


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