• Dearest Families,

    This school closure is simply unprecedented!  Not being with and teaching your children daily is incredibly heartbreaking for all teachers.  Please assure each one of your children how missed they are and how happy we all will be when we are back together learning and laughing!

    The biggest focus, in my humble opinion, is to help each child feel secure, happy and healthy.  I will be available each school day to answer questions or concerns. From reading, writing or math to social/emotional and behavior concerns, I am still here for you and your family!    

    So YES, read, journal and practice those math facts daily...but also, go outside, play a board game, or watch a favorite movie!  Bake from scratch and teach them how to mop a kitchen floor afterwards!  We can make this heartbreak a blessing by filling this uncertain time with grand experiences right in our own homes!  

    It is my greatest hope that when we look back on this time, smiles and giggles will abound and this time will be forever remembered for bringing together and strengthing families <3

    I will be avaialble each day with an open office hour from 10:00-11:00, please email or text.  There may be times I am scheduled for a training, but most days this time frame will be set apart for you to recieve some immediate support.  

    I miss you greatly...now go have some fun and don't forget to check out the posts over there <----- for some daily inspiration!  

    Mrs. Silver

    Email:  ssilver@lc.k12.wa.us

    Text Only:  360-399-6102 (calls sometimes do not go through)

    Office Phone:  360-466-3172 Ex. 1212

    The secret in education lies in respecting the student ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson