• Welcome to the 2017/2018 School Year!  I am Ms. Cantu. I am passionate about teaching mathematics. My specialty is helping students that struggle. I am here to help my students along a journey of mathematics understanding. We search for that postive outcome. The term "practice makes perfect" is my enemy. It is PERFECT Practice that makes perfect.  To repair incorrect practice a person must do 4 times as much perfect practice.

    Below is the Google classroom code that the students will be enrolled in.


    1st period:   8dzsnd  Eighth Grade Math

    2nd period:  tf4nv4z  Algebra I

    4th period:  d1z0c39  Geometry

    5th period:  2vlckcq   Algebra I 

    6th period: yel7l7p    Algebra I   

    7th period:  tyhfpm    Geometry


    For students that need to get to the Big Ideas Text book I have the codes here and on the google classroom

    2nd Period class code:  JSX8-GGSK-H2TH

    4th Period class code:   NXSH-77XE-KXX5

    5th Period class code:   PPBD-NTHG-3THA

    7th Period class code:   DK8D-MEZT-GBDK