• Welcome to the 2018/2019 School Year!  I am Ms. Cantu. I am passionate about teaching mathematics and robotics. My specialty is helping students that struggle. I am here to help my students along a journey of mathematics understanding. We search for that postive outcome. The term "practice makes perfect" is my enemy. It is PERFECT Practice that makes perfect.  To repair incorrect practice a person must do 4 times as much perfect practice.

    Below is the Google classroom code that the students will be enrolled in.


    1st period:   Algebra I (Part 2)               4c5qe9t

    2nd period:  Geometry                          ji0cq2

    3rd period:   Geometry                         8paue2

    5th period:   Robotics                           gf6qvc7

    6th period:   Bridge to College Math       5eviqtk