• On top of the Empire State Building!
    Erin Lisser
    National Board Certified Teacher 
    Spring 2020 Office Hours: 12-2pm Mon-Fri
    11th U.S. History
    12th American Government / CWP
    11th 12th Sociology
    SPRING 2020: If you need the Google Classroom code for your class, please email me!
    Hello Scholars!
    I hope you come to love history and politics as much as I do with our time together. I have always been fascinated in the behaviors of human nature and how in so many ways we are so similar yet also so different from each other as well as with people of years ago. 
    I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and went to University of Oregon, where I earned degrees in History and English as well as my Masters degree in Secondary Education.  Needless to say, I've always loved social studies and have known I wanted to be a teacher!
    Outside the classroom, I love to photograph the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and train for 10k and 1/2 marathons throughout the year.