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    Bryan Milliren
    Email: bmilliren@lc.k12.wa.us 
    Period 1--English 11 American Literature
    Period 2--English 9 Language Arts
    Period 3--English 9 Language Arts
    Period 4--Read 180 9-12
    Period 5--English 11 American Literature
    Period 6--Planning
    Period 7--English Language Arts Grade 9

    Thank you for visiting my site.  This is going to be a great year at La Conner High School!

    To my students:  Thank you for your hard work and determination in class.  Your mindset is what makes the difference.  Every new school year is like a new mountain to climb.  Of all the mountains I have climbed, I remember them vividly and am aware that the experience has impacted my body, my attitude, and my perspective on life.  I am excited to climb another school-year mountain together.  If you are looking for specific assignments, check our Google classroom and/or your Skyward.
    To parents:  Thank you for supporting your student and me.  Call or email me with questions, or stop by my classroom anytime.  I am honored to have your child in my class this year and accept this job with mindfulness and sincerity.