Katie Wigal
    Grade : Kindergarten

     I am very happy to be teaching Kindergarten again this year at LCES.  We are going to have a wonderful year as a class family.  In our classroom, we have focused play centers that help us to learn how to get along, how to be at school and how to help ourselves and each other (problem solving) as well as our letters, number sense, sight word identification, and many other important Kindergarten benchmarks.  
    I am happy to talk to you anytime regarding questions, concerns, ideas, anything!  My door is open to you and I am happy to meet with you if you'd like to set up a time to come in and talk with me.  Please feel free to e-mail me or call me and leave a message through the school phone number, 360-466-3172. 
    Another excellent form of communication with me is through your child's school-home folder.  We check it every morning and you are welcome to send a note anytime.  
    Thank you for all of the support you give, and for all that you do for your children to help them be successful!
    Katie Wigal
     Below is a look at a day in our Kindergarten class...

    Kindergarten Daily Schedule

    Mrs. Wigal’s Class


    8:10-8:20     Morning Work

    8:20-8:30     Class meeting

    8:35-8:55     Literacy Center #1

    9:00-9:20     Literacy Center #2

    9:20-9:40      Literacy Center #3

    9:40-9:55      Recess

    10:00-10:15   Snack/Whole Group Literacy

    10:15-10:45   Math

    10:45-11:30    Lunch, Recess

    11:30-11:40    Quiet time/Yoga                

    11:40-12:20    Literacy/Science/Art 

    12:20-12:55    Play exploration

    12:55-1:00      Clean up

    1:00-1:15          Snack

    1:15-1:30          Recess

    1:30-2:20          Specialists

                              *Mon: Computers

                              *Tues: P.E./Social-Emotional

                              *Wed: Social-Emotional/P.E.

                              *Thurs: P.E/Social-Emotional

                              *Fri: Computers

    2:20-2:30   Class Closing

    2:30    Walk to Commons/Dismissal