• The Family Partnership Committee is a district-level group of 10 parents with equal representation from each of our voter precincts.  The Committee is responsible for advising the Board and assisting the Superintendent in six areas:

    • Communication
    • Parent support
    • Student learning
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • School decision-making and advocacy
    • Collaboration with the community

    The formation of this committee was announced in the Winter edition of the La Conner Lantern, and interested parties were invited to contact the district office.  In addition, principals and school board members were invited to nominate individuals, with the goal of establishing a committee reflecting the diversity of the district’s families. The first meeting was held in April 2103.  Meetings for the 2013 -2014 school year will be held on the third Thursday of each month, with the exception of October.  

    This committee does not replace the building-level parent advisory groups, or the PTSA , but will coordinate and support the efforts of those groups whose goals are more building-based.  At its next meeting, the Family Partnership Committee will consider ways to gather input and ideas from district families and community members.  A report from the Family Partnership Committee will be provided at each meeting of the School Board.

    Please reference School Board Policies and Procedures numbered 4129 for further information or call Mary Kirkwood at 466-3179 if you have questions.