• The La Conner Board or Directors has adopted the UW Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (5D) as our instructional framework. Over the past several years, our school improvement process has included many professional development opportunities for the teachers and staff provided by the CEL staff around the 5 D's (5D Framework.PDF):
    - Purpose
    - Student Engagement
    - Curriculum and Pedagogy
    - Assessment for Student Learning
    - Classroom Culture and Environment
    Important Assessment Dates for 2016
    ELPA 21 (English Language Proficiency Assessment):  all grades K-12: March 1-31
    HSPE (High School Proficiency Exam): grade 12 as needed: March 13-15
    SBA (Smarter Balanced Assessment)
    •  Elementary: grades 3-5: April 18 - May 20
    • Middle School: grades 6-8: May 16-27
    • High School: grades 10-11: May 9-13
    Science MSP (Measure of Student Progress):
    • 5th grade: May 10-11
    • 8th grade: May 12-13
    EOC (End of Course Exam)
    •  Math: June 3
    • Biology: June 7
    MAP (Measure of Academic Progress): all grades 2-10
    •  Elementary: May 23-27
    • Middle School: June 3-8
    • High School: May 2-6
    For important information about assessments in Washington State and the Common Core Standards, please visit the Office of The Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) at http://http://www.k12.wa.us.    More resources are available Real Learning for Real Life by Ready Washington Coalition athttp://http://www.readywa.org/resources.html.

    La Conner School District Test Results

    OSPI has the full report for student scores on MSP (5th and 8th grade science), Smarter Balanced Assessment (3-11math and English/Language Arts), and EOC (HS math and biology) exams for the 2014-15 school year.  Please contact Peg Seeling if you have any questions regarding our scores. 
     Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO):
    Below you will find a link to La Conner SD unique yearly targets in reading and mathematics for each subgroup in our district, as described in Washington's Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Request 
    For information on individual schools or the WA State results, please go to the State Report Card tab on the OSPI wesite and click on AMO: http://reportcard.ospi.k12.wa.us
    Required State Assessments :
     The assessment requirements for students in grades 3-11 will be changing as are curriculum aligns with the Common Core State Standards.  This information can be found on the OSPI website but, below you can see what assessments your child will be taking in the future:
    While La Conner is small, the high school is able to offer the following opportunities for advancement toward a college degree through our commitment to our dual-credit and Tech-Prep courses at LCHS for Skagit Valley College:
    LCHS  Course                  Skagit Valley College      Credits
    Creative Writing               English 236                     5
    Carving                           Art 141                           5
    Pre-Calculus                    Math 141                        5 
    AP Environmental Science Biology 107                     5
    Spanish IV                       Spanish 221                   5
    In Gr. 10 English               College Success Skills      2
    Digital Photo                    MIT 213                         5
    Computers 9                    OFTEC                           3
    Culinary Arts-1                 CAHM 123                      5                    

    **We look forward to articulating our AP Human Geology and Economics courses with SVC.

    Other opportunities that allow our students to gain college as well as high school credit come as a result of partnership with the Northwest Career & Technical Academy.Students spend half of their academic day at either the campus at Skagit Valley College or the Marine Tech in Anacortes.Classes offered include finance, culinary arts, dental technology, digipen programming, digipen sustainable technology, marine technology, medical technology, and veterinary technology.Through these courses students may earn a variety of industry certifications and licenses and also tech prep credit through SVC.
    Parents have the right to review the Highly Qualified status of their child's teachers.  All current La Conner SD teachers meet the standard for Highly Qualified teachers as set forth by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.  For more information, contact the District Office at 360.466.3171.