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    Important Message From Mrs. Herrera ~ February 5, 2021

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    We are planning to begin in-person learning (also known as hybrid learning) for grades 6-8 on March 1st. There are two choices; families can choose from either:

    • In-person learning or
    • Remote learning.

    In both choices, students will access all coursework through Canvas; assignments will be posted on Fridays for the following week, and students will have a full day of learning regardless of which model they choose.

    In-Person Learning:

    In-person learning has been referred to as the hybrid learning model. Students will be placed with a group of students (a cohort) in either the morning or afternoon session and will attend one of the following sessions.

      Morning Cohort            Lunch and Sanitization Time        Afternoon Cohort               

           In-person                                                                     Asynchronous Learning
     8:30am - 11:00am                                                                8:30am - 11:30am
                                                 11:00am - 12:30pm
    Asynchronous Learning                                                                 In-Person
       12:30pm-3:00pm                                                               12:30pm - 3:00pm

     *The cohort groups will be revised based on the number of returning students and staffing needs.


    All pandemic safety precautions will be in place such as mask-wearing, 6’ social distancing, hand-washing, sanitizing, etc.

    Students who do not comply with mask-wearing, social distancing, and all other public health guidelines will be sent home for the day. Repeated infractions will result in students being removed from in-person learning and placed in remote learning. The safety of students and staff is of the utmost importance.

    LCSD Reopening Plan

    As a 6th grader, your week will look like this:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:
      • 6th-grade students, in their cohorts, will alternate between the two teachers. Students will be with Novak on one day and Cicotte on alternating days.
    • Wednesdays:
      • No in-person classes on Wednesdays: Students will meet online with their teachers on Wednesdays during office hours for assistance.

    As a 7th and 8th grader, your week will look like this:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:
      • Students will spend their in-person time with their cohort teacher who will facilitate learning in all classes for that group.; this is known as Teacher-Led Instruction.
    • Wednesdays:
      • No in-person classes on Wednesdays: Students will meet online with their teachers on Wednesdays during office hours for assistance.

    Remote Learning:

    Students are learning from home and not returning to campus.

    As a remote learner, your week will look like this:

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:
      • Students who stay in Remote Learning and do not return to school will be independently completing their assignments throughout the week, utilizing Canvas. This model will be Teacher-Assisted; students may access teacher support via email and will not have Zoom classes on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday.
    • Wednesdays:
      • Students will work/meet with their teachers during office hours over Zoom on Wednesdays for additional support.

    Planning for Return:

    In order to plan appropriately for a smooth transition, we need to know how many students will be coming into the building for in-person learning, and how many students will continue with remote learning.

    Please complete the survey (linked here) by noon (12:00 PM) on FRIDAY, February 12. If the school has NOT had a response from you by that time, your student will remain enrolled as a REMOTE learner.

    Please make a selection between in-person learning or remote learning for your student(s). Each student will be committed to this learning model until the end of the 3rd Quarter (April 14th) at which time changes could be requested.

    If you have problems opening or completing this form, please leave a message at the school at (360) 466-3173. Someone in the office will call you back to help you complete the form.

    Once we know how many families will be in each model, we will be able to break the in-person students into Morning and Afternoon cohorts. At that time, we will contact families with their teacher assignment and cohort information.

    The sooner we hear from each family, the sooner we can pass this information back to families, so we are grateful for your prompt attention to these questions.

    Thank you for your partnership throughout this challenging school year. We look forward to having students back in the building.


    Kathy Herrera
    Secondary Principal and Athletic Director

    December 1, 2020

    Dear La Conner Families,

    It is hard to believe that we are in the month of December! This has truly been a challenging year for everyone and we know how hard everyone is working. Some students are struggling with online learning and we want to make sure they are receiving assistance from the teachers and staff. We are encouraging students to access office hours with their teachers. Each teacher offers 19 hours of office hours each week. A large number of our students utilize teachers’ office hours during the week, seeking extra help or explanation on essential skills and assignments. However, the students who are not passing classes are often not utilizing office hours.

    Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 2nd, any student who is failing a class will be required to attend the Zoom meeting for each class they are failing. Here is the schedule for Wednesday Zoom classes:

    10:00 am - 3rd period 10:45am-1st period 11:10 am - 4th period 12:30 pm - 2nd period 1:00 pm - 5th period

    Through mandatory Wednesday meetings, we are hoping to help students find the help and support they need in order to be successful. Students will need to check their grades each week to see what classes they need to attend on Wednesdays. Teachers are also sending out emails to students to attend the Zoom meetings for tomorrow. Attendance will be taken for those who are failing a class. If your child is not failing any classes, they are not required to attend Wednesday meetings but are always welcome to join. Please encourage your child to Zoom in to meet with their teachers during office hours every week. The office hour times for each teacher can be found on their Canvas pages.

    If you have any questions, please call 360-466-3173 or send an email to me at kherrera@lc.k12.wa.us.


    Kathy Herrera
    La Conner Middle and High School Principal and Athletic Director

    Kathy Herrera
    La Conner Middle and High School
    Principal and Athletic Director

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