• Booster Club Volunteer Opportunities

    The following Booster Club officers are elected every June and make up the
    Booster Club Board -

    Kristin Huizenga, President
    Carl Williams, Vice President
    Pamela Keller, Secretary
    Megan Lisser, Treasurer

    The following are volunteer positions by season -

    Fall Winter Spring Year-Round
    Fall Cheer Boys' Basketball Baseball Band
    Football Girls' Basketball Softball Knowledge Bowl
    Boys' Soccer Winter Cheer Golf Merchandise
    Girls' Soccer Wrestling Track Paver Project
    Tailgate   Staff Appreciation Play Refreshments
        Freshmen Orientation Sponsorships

    The chairperson for each sport is responsible for coordinating flowers for Senior Night, State treats (if the team makes it to the post-season), and assisting with a season-end Banquet.

    Staff Appreciation, Freshmen Orientation and Play Refreshments chairpersons coordinate food donations and volunteers for those events. Staff Appreciation is typically held in May and Freshmen Orientation is held in June. The school plays are usually held in the fall and spring.


Last Modified on August 16, 2022