• COVID19 update


    During the COVID19 Continuous Learning model, special services will be provided differently.    For special education, your student's case manager will be coordinating support.   

    Preschool - Rebekah McGaughey

    Elementary School - Kerry Salaz

    Middle School  - Crista Landworth  (Jenny Mortenson is providing substitute support for part of February 2021.)

    High School - Linda Sovie

    Communication (Speech and Language Services) - Ellen Benetti


    Occupational Therapy is provided by Kasey McKnight.   Although she does not have an independent caseload you can contact her via her email.


    Jen Moyer, our school psychologist, is conducting evaluations again this year.


    If you need help contacting your student's case manager or other special education staff, please contact Andy Wheeler through the email link, or call or text (360)746-5383.


    See powerpoint slides here, or see a short video presentation here.




    The term "Special Services" is not specifically defined across the state.   In our district, being so small, Special Services comprises most aspects of learning that are not extracurricular (like athletics, clubs, after school program) or regular education (like you would find in most classes.) 


    These Programs are offered through the Special Services Department:

    You can click a link above, or in the banner on the left.   If there is something you can't find, or think there should be something here that isn't please contact the special services by email or by phone at (360)466-3171.  


Last Modified on February 22, 2021