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    We will have a meeting in mid-September for the class of 2022!  SENIOR TIMELINE:  2021 FALL PARENT MEETING AGENDA AND TIMELINE  for your review.  



    Information from the Washington Student Achievement Council (a great source for Financial Aid information and more):

    Financial Aid help for FAFSA:  Link to WSAC 

    WSAC has a new feature you can access if you have questions about financial aid or FAFSA it's called,  Ask Otter: Text “Hi Otter” to 360.928.7281 to receive 24/7 real-time answers to your financial aid questions.  

    All La Conner Students should be registered at http://washboard.org/login.aspx  This is a scholarship clearinghouse for Washington State residents.  The student is notified when a scholarship match is found. 

    Military Information:  We usually see military recruiters on campus throughout the school year. We will also host a recruiter or two during advisories.    Military Futures Flier

                  SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2022 GRADS 

    These will be listed as we receive notice that they are open and available for the 2021/2022 school year.  Check out the closed 2020/21 scholarship listings below to get an idea of the scholarships that will probably be available to 2022 grads again this year!



                 OPEN SCHOLARSHIPS FOR 2020 and 2021 GRADS

    OPEN:  Everett Carl Oman Scholarship: Available for 2020 and 2021 Graduates and current college students who are pursuing degrees in STEM or STEM-related fields.  Washington State schools only.  $2,000.00 per year, renewable for up to four years.  APPLICATION INFORMATION   

    OPEN: The Edmond F. Maxwell Foundation.  Scholarships for Western Washington Students with high academics who are going to attend a Private College
    $5,000. awards   Application and Information




    Class of 2020, 2021, and graduates:  If you are starting or in a technical college program now, check out this great scholarship that is not being taken advantage of by WA State students:  Appy please, and see Buher if you need help! 

    What: Apply now for the Career and Technical Scholarship provided by the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship program! The Career and Technical Scholarship (CTS) provides Washington state residents with $1,500 per quarter towards an eligible associate degree, certificate, or apprenticeship in a trade, STEM, or health care field. Funding can be used at any Washington state community or technical college and can be used to cover tuition, fees, and other costs of attendance such as housing, transportation, food, and more. Visit www.waopportunityscholarship.org to learn more!



    CLOSED - APPLICATION YOU MUST NOT MISS!  LA CONNER COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION:  Open January 6. The deadline is April 15, 2021. This is the most important scholarship of the year.  Every student who completes an application is almost guaranteed to receive a scholarship. La Conner Scholarship Foundation, Kiwanis, and Rotary awards many scholarships.  Seniors: we will work together on this in Mrs. Keith's classes, but don't wait for me, go ahead and get started!  

    Apply at:  Dollars for Scholars   


    CLOSED - LA CONNER SOROPTIMISTS, LA CONNER PEO, LA CONNER ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.  One application will work for all three scholarships.  Complete and submit to Mrs. Buher by MAY 10.   Email or contact Buher for delivery. Application


    CLOSED:  BOOSTER CLUB APPLICATION.  The family must be Booster Club members to apply.  Due May 1, 2021.  Email completed application to Buher.  Application


    CLOSED:  TWO VOCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS:  Offered by the Mt. Vernon Elks, these awards are specifically for students who will attend technical programs at technical or community colleges, or other programs offering technical certificates. 

    1. Roger Benjamin Vocational Grant.  $5,000.00.  Due  March 5th must be delivered to the Mt. Vernon Elks Lodge Application
    2. MV Elks Vocational Grant Award:  Due March 5th. Must be turned in to the Elks Lodge in Mt. Vernon.Application


    CLOSED:  CONWAY FIRE DEPT.  For Conway Grads who are in the class of 2021. $2,000.00  CLOSES MAY 7 AT 5PM.   May be used for vocational or academic programsAPPLICATION

    CLOSED:  BETTY VANBEBER PEO SCHOLARSHIP for Girls continuing their education.  This scholarship is open to La Conner and Anacortes High School students.  $1,500.00 Closes April 16, 2021.

    Information and Application


    CLOSED:  SISU CHILDREN'S FUND:  For Students with a 504 or IEP or a student who has or had a medical problem or  physical disability. :  $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior or $2500.00 award to a senior attending  Bellingham Technical College.    Deadline March 15, 2021.  Application


    CLOSED:  J and J Livestock Memorial Scholarship:  $500.00 award based on academics, community service and ten year plan.  Closes April 19, 2021.  Letter of Explanation   Application

    CLOSED  UNITED STEEL WORKERS LOCAL 12-591 FALLEN WORKERS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP.  Deadline Extended to 3/14/21.  Local Scholarship that requires an essay about the loss of union members. Your essay could reflect on losses you have suffered, relating them to how family and co-workers would feel.  The word from the official who called me is that the Local has quite a lot of $$ available and that most likely, students who complete an application will receive an award...no guarantee, but... good chance!  UAW Scholarship Information and Application   Application


    CLOSED:  LARSON AND GROSS ACCOUNTING:  General Application and Information.     


    CLOSED  Skagit Rotary:  Deadline is April 1, 2021. Over $85,000.00 in scholarships are distributed. Amount awarded varies. Previously, La Conner students have received scholarships. 

    Application and Info   2021 Tech Scholarship Info  2021 College and University Scholarship Info  Completed application should be emailed to:  Skagit Rotary Foundation


     CLOSED:  Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants:  $1,000 award, application closes 6/12/21.  Process:  Submit an essay based on information on their website:  Website and Application 


    CLOSED:  Anne Jackson and Erik Valenzuela Memorial Scholarship.  Offered by Skagit County Sherriff's Office.  Open to students who reside in Skagit County and/or have a parent who is employed or has retired from a law enforcement agency within Skagit. Amount varies. CLOSES MARCH 1, 2021 APPLICATION  Note:  Erik was a  formerLCHS student and volunteer Firefighterwho passed away while answering a Fire call.


    CLOSED:  PUGET SOUND ANGLERS:    Three $1,500.00 scholarships that are renewable for up to four years.  This is a local Skagit county organization and awards scholarship to students entering the Fishing or Environmental Science fields - technical programs or university programs.  Instructions


    CLOSED:  WASHINGTON STATE OPPORTUNITY SCHOLARSHIP:  Opened December 7th.  Closes February 11th.  Awards to students pursuing both 4 year and 2 year degrees in science, technology, engineering, math, and healthcare. Up to $22,500 in scholarships (over four years) plus professional development, skills-building workshops, and genuine industry exposure.  SEE MRS. BUHER for a list of eligible degrees.  Washington State Public or Private Technical and Community Colleges and University programs are eligible.   Apply at:  Information and Application  Be sure to read through the information before beginning the application!


    American Indian Endowed Scholarship:  Awards vary, from $500.00 to $2000.00  5 awards are given to Native American students who are enrolled members of a Washington State Tribe.  The scholarship prioritizes upper division and graduate students (so students who are juniors or seniors in college).  You should be aware of this, though, so you can apply when you are in that group, and maybe it doesn't hurt to apply as a freshman, if you have a good story.  This one closes March 1st 2021.  Information and to Apply


    WIAA CHOICES SCHOLARSHIP:  2 $5,000 SCHOLARSHIPS AND 8 $1,000.00 AWARDS to students who are outstanding in academics and athletics.  CHOICES SCHOLARSHIP  Closes 4/1/2021


    ESA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS:  This is a foundation that is focused on childhood cancers.  It acts as a clearinghouse for scholarships.  There are multiple scholarships for you to look at.  Important to note, they require a small processing fee with your application.  Information can be found at http://www.epsilonsigmaalpha.org  NOTE:  be sure to discuss this application with your parents before you apply.  This is the only scholarship application that charges a processing fee! Deadline 2/1/2021


    OSCWI (Officers Spouses Club of Whidbey Island):  Eligible students include children of active, retired or deceased Military members.  Closing Date is 3/31/21.  Amount varies, $500 - $1500 usually.  Application and Information


    PRIDE FOUNDATION:  LGBTQ scholarship opportunities.  Over 660 scholarships to Western US students - one applicaton.  Closes January 8th!  LINK TO APPLICATION



    CLOSED Ewing Kelly Memorial Scholarship: Open now, closes March 10, 2021.  $2,500.00.  This is a merit scholarship.  Selection is based on Academics, Citizenship and financial aid.

    Ewing Kelly Scholarship Flyer   Application  

    Closed:  ELKS MOST VALUABLE SCHOLAR:  This one has been open for awhile and closes on November 15th, 2020!  Amount varies.  FAQ  Local Skagit County students are judged by the local Elks Club.  Application


    Pointe Pest Control Pay It Forward Scholarship.  $750.00 volunteering and community support are the focus.  Closes 4/29/21.  Application    


    CLOSED: Violet Richardson Scholarship for Girls:  Honoring the President of the first Soroptomist's Club, this award is presented to a female student who has demonstrated exemplary community service.  Awarded by La Conner Soroptomists, the amount varies.  DO NOT SUBMIT TO NATIONAL SOROPTOMISTS, THIS IS A LA CONNER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP.  Follow directions for submission that are in the scholarship application, please.  Application  Closes 12/31/20

    PB and J Scholarship:    This is a new one and it's a National award which means anyone in the US may apply.  It targets students who have had challenges and perhaps don't have the best resume (test scores, GPA, etc), but who have the desire to attend college anyway  Application  


    Washington State School Retirees Assoc.  FOR STUDENTS WHO INTEND TO MAJOR IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION:  The deadline is March 1, 2021.  Eight scholarships were available for $2500.00 each and 16 renewable awards for $900.00 each for up to 4 years. An additional two scholarships for students who will major in Agricultural Sciences at WSU.  GPA of 3.0 or higher for all.  Please apply for this one!!  To view the application and apply: HOW TO APPLY AND LINK TO APPLICATION

    Intertribal Timber Council: Deadline is MARCH 12, 2021 5:00 PM pst.   For Native American/Alaska Native Students.  $2,500.00 award for students interested in pursuing a career in Natural Resources, fisheries, forestry, game management. Information and Application


    From StudentScholarship.Org: Here are four pages of national scholarships that you might want to consider applying for.  I don't have any more information about any of these scholarships, and have not always included this information on our scholarship page in the past, primarily because we are competing on a national level - and sometimes your time might be better spent focusing on more local scholarships.  However, I will certainly support you if you want to apply for any one of these awards!  List of Scholarships











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