• Academic Lab


    COVID home learning:

    1. I would like you to take the temepture checks on a weekly basis

    2. I also have my para's Aileen and Jenn who will check in with you weekly and work one on one with you on your general education classes.


    Grade will be based on your weekly temperture checks and check-ins with paraa's


         Academic lab is conducted like a homework lab.  Students are provided academic support, guidance, skills and a quiet environment to work.  They are expected to work on both classwork and homework to keep their grades up.  In addition, they are to keep their planners updated, set weekly and daily goals that are measurable, attainable, specific and timely. 
         If they are credit deficient, they have the opportunity to retrieve credits.  If they were close to passing, we work directly with the teacher to submit missing work.  If not, for a fee, we work with different online programs.