• Resource Language Arts

    COVID home time:
    1.  Please keep a journal of your experience
    2.  I will send out weekly temp checks, please fill them out including the written responces
    3.  You will have your temp check and 2 assignments per week
    3.  If you email me we can set up a plan.   I have online resources and paper packets      
    Action Magazine directions
    1. action.scholastic.com
    2.  Sign in as a student, password: sovie
    3. on top (blue) choose "all Issues"
    IXL directions:
    1.  go to IXL.com
    2.  sign in with user name and password (email me and I will give you them)
              its a good idea to write them directly on your computer
    3.  on top bookmarks go to language arts
    4.  go into the "red" level then the subscribed  lessons
    5.  work twords a smart sccore of 75%