• Standards-Based Report Cards

    La Conner Elementary School has adopted a new grading system and with it, new report cards.  Teachers at La Conner Elementary wanted a system that will better describe each child’s progress as measured on selected state standards.  

    This year, as we pilot the new grading system, our focus is on the standards for reading, writing,  and math.  Our report cards will reflect the standards each student should meet by the end of the school year in those core areas.  Students will continue to be graded in science, social studies and other curricular areas, however the grading for those subjects is based on fewer standards, with additional standards in those subjects to be added next year.

    Below is the grading scale to be used on our grade reports this year.  This is the same scale used at the state level and on the yearly Measurement of Student Progress (MSP):

    LEVEL 4:  (100% - 90%)  Exceeds standard, or advanced.  Represents advanced mastery of a subject’s skills and knowledge.  Considered passing.

    LEVEL 3:  (89.99% - 80%)  Meets standard, or proficient.  Represents mastery of a subject’s skills and knowledge at grade level.  Considered passing.

    LEVEL 2:  (79.99% - 55%)  Below standard, or basic.  Represents some mastery of a subject’s skills and knowledge.  Considered not passing.

    LEVEL 1:  (54.99%- 0%)  Well-below standard, or below basic.  Represents little or no mastery of a subject’s skills and knowledge.  Considered not passing.

    Using this system for grading, students might receive grades of 1s and 2s in the beginning of the year, as the skills are introduced for the first time.  As the year progresses, a student is expected to reach mastery, level 3.  Students who receive a score of 4 will have shown an advanced understanding of a skill or concept compared to the grade-level expectation.

    Feel free to contact us at 360.466.3172 with any questions or concerns about our new report cards.

Last Modified on October 4, 2011