Updated: 6/19/20 

    Noelle's Pale Male Watercolor

    Noelle's Pale Male

    Kale's Salmon Drawing

    Kale's Salmon Drawing

    Rooney getting some exercise at Martha's Beach.

    Rooney running


    Nataniel decided to to complete a research project on several breeds of dogs, including pugs... of course! 

    Nataniel's Dog Project

    Javen helped his family build a fire pit.

    Javen's fire pit


    An eagle with a carryout salmon breakfast at Martha's Beach over Memorial Day Weekend. 

    Eagle with Salmon at Martha's Beach

    Aaliyah's dog, Stella, had a puppy, named Rose. Aaliyah was able to be with Stella at the vet when Rose was born. 

    Aaliyah and Rose


    Javen has been working on math skills and baking banana bread at the same time. 


    Javen's banana bread


    Pale Male Watercolors

    Aaliyah's Pale Male

    Aaliyah's Pale Male Head Turned

    Maxwell's Pale Male

    Maxwell's Pale Male Perched


    Nataniel's Pale Male

    Nataniel's Pale Male In Profile


    Ayona's arial view of Central Park

    Ayona's Arial View of Central Park


    Josh's hawk

    Josh's Baby Red-Tailed Hawk


    Kale's Pale Male

    Kale's Pale Male in a Tree



    Javen's Pale Male painting

    Javen's Pale Male flying over NYC



    Nataniel has been busy doing a project on pugs! 

    Nataniel and the Pug Project

    The Pug Project



    Zachary's Baby Yoda

    Zachary's Baby Yoda


    Maxwell's Baby Yoda

    Maxwell's Baby Yoda


    Vera's Agent Peely

    Vera's Agent Peely


    Kale's Baby Yoda

     Kale's Baby Yoda


    Shelter Bay



    Sunrise in Shelter Bay


    low tide

    Martha's Beach

     Sunset at Martha's Beach


    daffodil court

    The 2020 Skagit County Daffodil Court

    Kayden, Lazarus, Zachary (king), Kimi (queen), Kalani, and Ayona