• Both real and virtual...

    La Conner Regional Library: Hey, kids, did you read today? Head over the LC Library to check out a book!

    Deception Pass State Park: (WA) This is a beautiful place to hike, swim, paddle, or hang at the beach. 

    The Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group: This is a fantastic organization working on restoring salmon habitat and the riparian environment in the Skagit River watershed.

    Mesa Verde National Park: (CO) is one of my favorite places on earth. When I taught in Colorado, my 4th graders and I would spend a week down there every spring. If you ever get a chance to go there, you won't regret it. Don't forget to ask me for directions to the "secret, hidden" kiva before you go.

    Skagit Valley Festival of Family Farms: Don't miss this weekend every autumn.

    Skagit Valley Tulip Festival: Who hasn't heard of this festival? I even met a couple from Holland a few years ago who came to the festival to see if our tulip fields were truly as amazing as they had heard. And, yes, they were amazed!

    The University of Wisconsin: The original UW. Go Big Red!

    Columbia College: One of my almae matres. (Keep in flight with John H. White.)
    The Chicago Blackhawks: The greatest team in any sport at any level! 
    Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin: Our older son is a sophomore Red Hawk, studying biology and chemistry and playing soccer. 
    Washington Rush Soccer Club in Everett is best soccer club in Washington! Our younger son plays on Rush B'03 the U17 team. They won the 2019 San Diego Surf Cup, the RCL Division 1 League, and the 2020 Washington State Championship.
    Skagit Valley College: Our amazing local community college.
    McIntyre Hall: The best performing arts center in the Pacific Northwest. 
    Devil's Lake State Park: (WI) I still remember my first outing at Devil's Lake, and that was almost 50 years ago. (Mr. Hunter, you are O-L-D.) I think this was the first place I truly experienced what I thought to be wilderness. Over the years, I have taken countless trips to Devil's Lake with friends and family and solo to camp, climb, hike, swim, and canoe. For me, Devil's Lake instilled a true love of the environment, nature, the silent sports, and the outdoors.
    Crested Butte, CO: My favorite place to ski, fish, hike, and ride. 
    Kettle Moraine State Forest: (WI) Some of the best mountain biking in the Midwest can be found at "Kettles".  top by the General Store and have Sprecher Root Beer after your ride. 

    Dick's Drive In: The PNW classic drive-in restaurant that serves world class burgers, fries, and shakes. Just read the kids' reviews below...

    Raygen: "Dick's Drive In is the best place ever!" 

    Aurora: "Their food is so cool! I love it!"

    Lane: "Amazing! Just amazing burgers!" 

    Brent: "I wish I could eat at Dick's Drive In every day."

    Chas: "These are the best burgers in the universe!"

    Kat: "Dick's makes the most wonderful milkshakes I have ever tasted!"

    Maxwell: "6 out 5 stars!"

    Izzy: "Forget 5 Stars! I give Dick's burgers 100 Stars!"

    Teagan: "What's Dick's Drive In?" (Will she find an answer to that all-important life question?)

    UPDATE 11/27/18:

    Teagan: "Just fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!" (Which all-important life's question will Teagan answer next?) 

    Charlotte: (LC Class of 2016 and Brooks's older sister) still holds the 5th grade record of eating 4 Dick's Burgers on our way home from the Museum of Flight.