The students are required to read 30 minutes every night and get parent initials. There will probably be math problems on Monday through Thursday nights that support and reinforce the concepts presented in class. Beyond that, the amount of homework will vary depending on group and individual projects, such as book reports, and research reports, etc. 

    All of the kids have binder, which includes a calendar, planner, and a homework folder. All of their nightly and long-term assignments will be written in their planners. Any and all school correspondence and important papers will be in the folder. Please check your child’s binder every night.

    Please talk to your children about school and their lives... friendships, classes, homework, recess, sports, band, the bus, disappointments, hopes, dreams, plans... everything and anything. The more you talk _and listen_ to your kids, the more you strengthen them and your relationships with them.



    The students and staff at LCES choose to follow these expectations:

    • Show Respect
    • Make Good Decisions
    • Solve Problems



    The class has spent these opening days reviewing school and classroom procedures and expectations. The kids generated a list of expectations that they think are important to keep them safe, allow them to establish strong friendships, and help them be successful students.

    • Respect Others
    • Respect Ourselves
    • Respect Property
    • Respect Time

    If there are issues with a student’s behavior, we attempt to resolve that in class and not involve outside measures, such as the parents or school or district administration. On the off chance that negative behavior continues, or is severe enough to warrant, the student’s parents will be contacted. Of course the school principal, Heather Fakkema, will also be included on the extremely rare occasion that inappropriate behavior is chronic and or severe.