• Thanksgiving

    Posted by Jenny Mortenson on 11/17/2011 8:35:00 PM

    We at SWEEC preschool have so much to be thankful for this fall season.  The weather has been beautiful, and the children have settled in and are learning, laughing, and making friends.  Our visit to the pumpkin patch was perfect, and we had a fantastic turn-out for our pumpkin carving night.  We had a fun time walking to the apple tree across from the school picking the apples (or knocking them out with a broom) and taking them back to school.  We made a delicious batch of applesauce and ate it for snack!  Today, several residents of Creekside Retirement Center came to the school to help us with an art project and the children were delighted to have such attentive "grandmas" to talk with and to dance along with us and our preschool musical shenanigans!  The ladies brought us some delicious turkey-shaped cookies and we "gobbled" them with milk!  This coming Tuesday, we are having our preschool family feast.  I think that this time of year is probably my favorite time of year at the preschool.  It makes me so thankful that I have the opportunity to continue being a part of this wonderful program.

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