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     Preschool's Mightiest Heroes  

    Important Phone Numbers

    Preschool: (360) 466-7345, 360-391-5920

    *Please call this number for pick up/drop off changes as messages on the other phones may not be checked until after the school day.

    Fax  (360)466-7350  

    Monica Chamness, Enrollment, Front Desk:  466-7345

    John Haley, Preschool Manager/FSS: 466–7326, cell 391-5920

    Rebekah McGaughey, Classroom Teacher: 466 - 7325

    Denise Guglielmo, Classroom Teacher:  466 - 7327 


    Additional Preschool Staff: can be reached by calling 466-7345

    Alana Handy Classroom Assistant

    Cindy Summers, Classroom Assistant

    Kelly Martin, Classroom Instructor, Transportation

    Michelle Edwards, Food Service/Child Nutrition Specialist

    Lauren Weatherford, Specialized Classroom Assistant 


Last Modified on April 24, 2018