• In the Classroom: We recognize that each child grows and develops at different rates, and their interests will vary. The following describes the areas of focus in the classroom: 

    • Language Development: Listening, understanding, speaking and communicating.
    • Literacy: Phonological awareness (the sounds of words), book knowledge, appreciation of books, print awareness, pre-reading concepts, early writing, and alphabet knowledge.
    • Mathematics: Number sense, geometry, spatial sense, patterns, measurements.
    • Science: Scientific observation skills, methods, and knowledge.
    • Creative Arts: Music, art, movement and dramatic play.
    • Social and Emotional: Self-concept, self-control, cooperation, social relationships, knowledge of families and communities.
    • Approaches to Learning: Initiative, curiosity, engagement, persistence, reasoning, and problem solving.
    • Physical Health and Development: Fine and gross motor skills, health status and health practices.  
    • Lushootseed language instruction is also provided in the classroom curriculum with support from Carmen Pastores-Joe

    Preschool staff will focus on directing the curriculum to support the individual learning goals developed with each family. There are at least 2-4 educational conferences conducted each school year to focus on the individual learning plans. In addition, family contacts through home visits or additional center visits will be done to review support needs with respect to providing a healthy and safe environment for your child’s development.

    SWEEC Preschool’s goal is to provide an environment that stimulates each child's curiosity and learning. We encourage each child to develop his/her unique interests, talents and skills. We know that young children learn best through interaction with people and objects, and it is primarily through play that they will address their educational goals. Our goal is to have your child kindergarten ready when they exit preschool.

Last Modified on March 14, 2019