• Nutrition and Healthy Habits

    All children receive a Nutrition Assessment and parents are provided with information concerning diet and general nutrition.  Medical dietary needs are taken into account when providing meals to children with restrictions.


    Children in the morning classes are served an optional breakfast shortly after they arrive at school, and are served lunch before they go home.  Children in the afternoon classes are served lunch and an optional healthy snack before they go home. 


    Family style eating with balanced, nutritious meals gives children an opportunity to learn about healthy eating habits with support from their peers. Children serve themselves and join in conversation with other children and adults sitting at the table.  This is an opportunity for children to develop language skills and to practice skills like passing the serving dishes, serving themselves, asking politely for things, and generally enjoying a good social experience.


    Healthy habits are established in the classroom with daily tooth brushing and an emphasis on hand-washing and other habits that help reduce the spread of illnesses.

    We use the classroom for teaching children healthy habits around safety. We ensure that playground rules are followed and safety devices such as helmets are used appropriately.

Last Modified on August 16, 2012