• Policy and Procedure


    In the event your child is ill, running a fever, feeling poorly (headache, low energy, in pain, active infection etc.) please keep your child at home until they are well. Also, please give us a call and let us know how your child is doing.


    In case of illness or injury at school the classroom staff, health team or an authorized member of the SWEEC staff will care for a child temporarily. Every effort will be made to contact parents and designated emergency contacts. However, if the child has an illness or injury is severe, the child will be taken to the emergency room by ambulance.


    This school year there are comprehensive response plans for the possibility of a major flu outbreak. We will be sending home the most timely information as it becomes available. We are working within the school district, Skagit Island Head Start and Swinomish Tribe policies with respect to this potential concern. Please refer to the take home information in your orientation packets for specific details.




    Trained SWEEC staff can administer medication.  If your child is required to take medication during normal school hours, a

    parent/guardian must have a completed medication form including specifics filled out by the physician. The medication container must be marked with (a) child name, (b) the dosage and time of administration and (c) doctor name and telephone number.  Refrigeration is available and medications are kept in a locked secure container.


    Positive Discipline

    SWEEC Preschool uses a program provided by Head Start that helps children learn social skills and improve their self-control.  Second Step is the program that teaches children about feelings and ways to control their behavior and their anger. This program is supplemented with individualized support and in some cases formal plans developed by the highly trained staff at SWEEC.


    Child Abuse and Neglect

    All SWEEC staff are responsible for the care and safety of the children in the program. The law in the State of Washington requires that staff report to Child Protective Services any reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect.  It is the goal of SWEEC to prevent child abuse and neglect and we strive to strive to provide support resources to all families. 





Last Modified on August 19, 2016