• Family Partnerships and Communication

    The SWEEC Preschool is committed to supporting your family by establishing a strong partnership with you. The preschool staff is available to help with information and share resources. Staff will check in frequently by phone, at the center or on home visits to check on goal progress and family support needs throughout the year.
    Classroom newsletters are distributed monthly and provide details related to the calendar events, classroom topics, and resources related to child development; parenting; nutrition; dental health; family fun etc.  Preschool also uses the Remind 101 system. This is a mass texting application lets families know what is happening in a fast. convenient way. Parent and Family nights are generally scheduled every 2-3 months with a family activity/lunch at least once a month.
    The following points will greatly help your child in preschool:
    • Regular Attendance – consistent attendance is important for achieving educational goals and developing positive school behaviors.
    • Make sure your child is well rested. 10-12 hours of sleep is recommended for children going to preschool.
    • Nutritious meals help children to be healthy and at their best. Wholesome, nutritious foods are important.
    • Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.
    • Create opportunities for learning at home.
    • Please keep your child or children home if they are not feeling well.
    • Give us a call when your child is absent–call 360- 391-5920
    • Please label your child’s clothing.
    • Information/Supports for individual toileting needs (diapers; pull-ups and extra clothes)
    • Please bring your child to class on time and pick up your child promptly when class is over.
    • Find a variety of opportunities to be involved in Preschool – volunteer in the classroom; join us on a field trip; participate in Family Fun Nights/Parent Meetings/ SWEEC Community meals
    • Please put an extra pair of clothes each day in backpacks
Last Modified on August 19, 2019