We are now accepting enrollment applications for the 2019-2020
    Packets are available at the front desk 
    7:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday- Thursday.



    The SWEEC Preschool is a community collaborative program between the La Conner School District, Swinomish Tribe, and Skagit Islands Headstart & ECEAP.

    Who Can Attend?
    SWEEC Preschool accepts applications for children who will have turned three by AUGUST 31st  through those who have just turned five years old. We have 23 **FREE** ECEAP slots available to those families who qualify through the ECEAP qualification process.  We have more student slots available for community members for a nominal, monthly supply fee.  For more information please call Mr. Haley at 360-391-5920.   


    Classes are held Monday through Thursday.  Morning (AM) sessions run from 8:00am until 11:30am. Afternoon (PM) sessions run from noon until 3:30 pm. Additional family activities during the month, or make-up days, may occur on Fridays or evenings.  

    Contact Information
    360-466-7345 ( Preschool front Desk) 
    John Haley, Preschool Manager/Family Services Specialist - La Conner Schools
    (360) 391-5920 cell phone
    Heather FakkemaPreschool/Elementary Principal, La Conner Schools
    466-3172 ext 1006

    Our qualified and experienced staff are a combination of employees of La Conner Schools and the Swinomish Tribe.  
    Preschool Manager/Family Services Specialist 
    La Conner Schools 
    Monica Chamness
    Receptionist/Program Assistant/Enrollment
    Swinomish Tribes 
    Rebekah McGaughey
    Certificated Teacher (3-4 yr. olds)
    La Conner Schools 
    Kelly Gilkey
    Certificated Teacher (Pre-K)
    La Conner Schools
    Para-Educators/Teacher's Aides 
    Cindy Summers
    La Conner Schools
    Barbara Wolf
    La Conner Schools   
    Kelly Martin
    Swinomish Tribe
    Food Service/Child Nutrition 
    Michelle Edwards
    Swinomish Tribe 

    Teacher Pages
    Rebekah McGaughey
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