• Mr. Hiller
    Ryan Hiller
    Email: rhiller@lc.k12.wa.us
    Phone: 360-466-3173
    Grade: 9-12
    Career and Technical Education
    Digital Arts
    Video Game Programming

    My primary goal in every one of my technology classes is to convince you that you can learn all of these skills on your own. Given the desire, some time with the software or hardware, and access to the power of the internet you can find and learn whatever you want!

    Very few professions allow you to quit learning when you leave high-school, or when you leave college. In most professions, this continued learning is not provided and there is no teacher. It is extremely important for you to be able to learn on your own. My goal is to make you self-motivated, life-long learners.


    Some La Conner Technology Use "Do's"


    • Do use our network to connect to other students and adults who share your passions with whom you can learn.
    • Do use our network to help your teachers find experts and other teachers from around the world.
    • Do use our network to publish your best work in text and multimedia for a global audience.
    • Do use our network to explore your own creativity and passions, to ask questions and seek answers from other teachers online.
    • Do use our network to download resources that you can use to remix and republish your own learning online.
    • Do use our network to collaborate with others to change the world in meaningful, positive ways.

    Some Useful Links


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