•              La Conner School District Transportation Department

    BASIC BUS RULES                                   


    1. Follow the driver’s directions                    
    1. Disrespect of driver authority
    1. Always stay seated, facing forward           
    1. Fighting or abusing other passengers
    1. Respect others’ space and property            
    1. Possession of a weapon
    1. Quiet talking voices only
    2. No eating or drinking on the bus
    3. Keep the bus clean  
    1. Use of tobacco, vape devices, alcohol or drugs
      * Severe violations may result in immediate removal from the bus



    1. All passengers shall follow the directions given by the driver; the driver is the authority on the bus.
    2. Students riding a bus other than their own must have a permission slip from their school office, and the slip must be given to the bus driver.
    3. Students are to sit, facing forward, and remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
    4. Body parts and objects may not be extended or thrown out of bus windows.
    5. The following are not permitted on the bus.
      1. Vulgar or obscene language or gestures
      2. Laser pens/pointers, smoking/vaping or flame/sparking devices, glass items (including art or science projects)
      3. Injury-causing items; this includes but is not limited to guns, knives, and other weapons.
      4. Toy guns, knives, or weapons
      5. Animals, except for approved service animals
      6. Large bulky items - skateboards will only be permitted on the bus if they are enclosed in or securely attached to a backpack.
      7. Use of scented products (ie: deodorant, perfume, hairspray, air freshener, etc)
    6. School and classroom rules apply on the bus (ie: use of cell phones and electronic devices)
    7. Personal belongings must be kept out of the aisle
    8. The bus driver may assign seats; if seats are assigned, a student must have the driver’s permission to move.
    9. Severe or ongoing misconduct on the bus shall be sufficient reason to discontinue bus riding privileges.
    10. Passengers should not talk to the driver while the bus is in motion, except in cases of a safety or health emergency.
    11. Students should arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to the estimated pickup time.
    12. Students must board and leave the bus in a safe, orderly manner; they must wait for the safe signal and cross the street in front of the bus only.
    13. Students who must walk some distance along the roadway, where practical, must walk on the left roadside, facing traffic.
    14. Students shall be familiar with the emergency evacuation procedures.


    Expectations for riders

      • Students will only ride the bus they are assigned to
      • Students will only exit the bus at their assigned drop-off location
      • Changes in ridership or drop-off location can only be made by the student’s guardian; students may not change their own after-school plans
        • Changes must be communicated to the student’s school office by 2:00 PM on the day of the change
        • Contact can be made by phone call, email to the school’s administrative assistant, or Remind text message
      • When there is a change in the transportation plan, students receive a permission slip that is then given to the bus driver


    Misbehavior on the bus will be addressed first by the driver. The following behavior management strategies will be implemented by the driver as needed: 

      • Verbal redirection/warning, including a reminder of expected behavior 
      • Assigned seat 
        • length of time spent in the assigned seat to be determined by the driver
      • Bus Conduct Report and parent contact
        • follow up by building administrator if requested
      • Removal 
        • Driver will complete a Bus Conduct Report
        • Length of removal determined by the driver (ie: 2, 5, or 10 days)
      • Longer term suspensions (5 or more) will include an in-person conference with the driver, administrator, student, and family member
Last Modified on October 12, 2023