Recommended for all students:

    • Memory stick for computer storage – strongly recommended
    • College ruled notebook paper
    • 3-ring binder with dividers
    • Composition book
    • Pens, pencils, colored pencils, washable markers

    Required for Specific Classes:

    • Algebra 1- 1-inch binder, highlighters, pencils, ruler, graph paper
    • Art- Pencils, scissors, rulers, colored pencils, glue sticks
    • ASL- Binder/folder, pens/pencils
    • Biology-1-1 ½ inch binder, scientific calculator (TI-35 or better), pens and pencils.
    • Ceramics- Composition Notebook, pens, markers, colored pencils for drawing.
    • English 9, English 11, Journalism-  Each course requires a theme book/composition book
    • English 10, English 12- Earbuds
    • Geology- Composition notebook, colored pencils
    • Geometry- 1- inch binder, compass, protractor, highlighters, pencils
    • Physics- Composition Notebook, Scientific Calculator (TI-35 or similar), pens, pencils.
    • Prescribed Algebra 1- 1-inch binder , highlighters pencils
    • Spanish- Dry erase markers
    • STEAM- Composition notebook, drawing supplies (markers/colored pencils)
    • World History-Pens or pencils, paper, headphones (helpful)


    Download as a document here: Supply List

Last Modified on August 26, 2022