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    Clarissa Williams

    Community and Cultural Liaison

    Grades: k-12

    E-mail: cwilliams@lc.k12.wa.us


    Job duties:

    • Work with classroom teachers to be sure STI (Since Time Immemorial) is implemented
    • Work with classroom teachers to complement STI with elements of Swinomish culture
    • Seek out entry points for including Swinomish culture in regular classes, working with classroom teachers, administrators, and other teaching staff to connect the class curriculum with Swinomish culture and practice
    • Integrate resources from a wide variety of resources to ensure access to Swinomish culture for all
    • Similarly, introduce elements from other local cultures into LCSD classrooms
      • Skagit Valley Agriculture
      • Literary heritage
      • Visual or performing arts
      • Boating
      • Tourism
    • Connect students with professional opportunities such as internships and mentorships
    • Work closely with Title lc staff to execute the Migrant grant plan
      • Migrant student advocate
      • Records clerk
      • Program director
    • Create opportunities for staff to learn more about local culture, especially Swinomish.
    • Help identify and close any achievement gaps within the district.
    • Work collaboratively with tribal, district, and local initiatives.
Last Modified on September 12, 2023