• Hello Parents/Guardian!


    My name is Liz Baun, and I have the pleasure of being your student’s teacher. This is my third year teaching at La Conner High School, and I’m very excited to see how this year goes!


    Some of the expectations that I will have for the students this year are:


    • Completing homework/classwork within a reasonable time period. This means completing and correcting their tests within a designated time period or turning in all their homework as soon as they can.


    • Showing up to class with a positive attitude. I will do my best to put a smile on your student’s face every day, and it would be good if they came to my class with a positive attitude. This does not mean that they need to be outgoing and participating in all the activities but being kind to their classmates and helping keep the classroom productive.


    • Coming to class prepared. I expect the students to come to class with their notebook if they don’t leave it in class, their laptops, and their chargers. I do have one extra charger in the classroom, but they are also the chargers to my computers so I cannot guarantee that it will always be available. I do have extra pencils and almost everything else that they may need so the main items would be their notebooks and laptops.


    • Ask for help! If students are struggling, I will encourage them to ask for help, but they don’t always do what I say. If you notice your student is talking about how they don’t understand the content, ask them if they have reached out for help. I will do my best to help your student get through the topics they are struggling with, but I cannot give them the extra support or resources that they may need if I do not know they are struggling.


    There may be times during this year when your student struggles with a topic or does not feel they are smart enough to understand the content, but I believe that every student has the ability to succeed.


    My goal for this year is not only to help your student learn a new topic in math, but to also help them feel more confident in their skills. There are times in math when problems seem too easy, and students doubt themselves because it “can’t be this easy”, but I explain to students that if it seems easy that means you understand it!


    If you need to reach me, you can email me at ebaun@lc.k12.wa.us or send me a message over inbox on Canvas. I look forward to having a good year with your student!