• Hello Braves Family,

    We hope you are having an enjoyable summer spending time in relationship with friends and families. We’re excited about the 2022-23 school year and really look forward to seeing you all and hearing about your summers, and setting goals for this coming year. Braves Day is a required day of school; it is one of the 180 required days to attend school. Braves Day, Tuesday, August 30, has changed with the hopes of starting the year in a positive way, building community, and engaging socially and emotionally.

    Parents and families are encouraged to come, but it is optional for parents and families. Parents and families, as you arrive, look for parking signs and people directing you to parking areas. The Elementary School drop-off loop will be closed to traffic on Braves Day. You might want to arrive earlier than normal, so you have time to get parked before the first bell rings at 8:05.  Braves Day is an early release school day with a first bell at 8:05 and begins at 8:10. Busses will run in the morning and students will get dropped off around 7:45 and in the afternoon busses will leave at 11:35 when school lets out. Our kitchen staff will start serving students a no-cost breakfast at 7:45. For parents at the Elementary School and at the Middle School/High School, we will also have coffee, tea, juice, and light refreshments.

    As school is starting, students and parents/families will go to predetermined locations that will be sent out by building administrators early next week along with other necessary information. The schools will hold assemblies for students, parents, and families. Following the assemblies, parents and families are invited to attend informational tables that will be located in the drop-off loop at the Elementary School and will be available until 11:00 am.

    The informational tables will include information about or assistance with: Final Forms, Communications, Curriculum, High-Cap, Pre-School, In-Touch (online payment option), Migrant-Ed, Special Education, PTSA, Booster Club, Braves Club, and other important and helpful information.  Parents and families are free to leave as soon as they have the information you need for this year.

    Students will get their pictures taken on Braves Day, so look for information about ordering your yearly pictures. Students will get grab-n-go lunches before being released at 11:35 for pickup or buses. Please call your buildings or the district office for additional questions.

    We are so excited to welcome our Braves Family back to school.
    Be Kind, Be Brave, Belong,
    Will Nelson,

    2022-2023 Student Academic Calendar