• Looks like this is going to be a great week weather wise. I hope you are able to get out and explore some nearby trails with your family.

     The packets that went home Friday cover the last of our fraction unit. Again, videos for each lesson are available on youtube  here. For reading we are focusing on “Text Features”. Here is a short video that will help explain what text features are. This week I’d like students to read the Scholastic News and then use it to find text features for the enclosed activity.

     AR Access: Students can read books and take AR tests on-line. After reading a book, students can go to the La Conner School District website. Then go to “Departments” and access the “Library Page”. Then click on “Take an AR test on-line”. After the child takes a test they can show you their score. Your child’s log in info…

    Username:first name, first letter of last name. Example: susanneb         Password: initials Example: sb

    If your child would like some new books to read let me know. I’m happy to throw in some books with their Friday packets!

    If you are looking to try something fun and new check out Switcheroo Zoo. This is a great site for animal lovers. You can create a brand new animal by switching body parts of other animals. You can listen to songs sung by real animals. Feeding the animals IS ALLOWED on this site and you can also build your own biome. Check it out!

     If you were to ask what is one of the MOST important things that third graders really need to know before moving to 4th grade I would have to answer mastering the multiplication facts 0-10. We have been doing count bys to help us memorize but you can make flash cards on your own or print them out online here. There is a link in Moby Max where your child can practice their multiplication/division online.  It’s not too late to join the “May the Facts Be With You” multiplication challenge! Look on my website to find more information.


    Here is the information for Ms. Erica’s Zoom meeting. Mrs. Bruland and Mrs. Malcomson will be unable to attend this one due to a conflicting meeting.

    Topic: All 3rd Grade Zoom
    Time: May 26, 2020 01:00 PM 
    Meeting ID: 815 7358 4210
    Password: 6DFhaf


    Here is the information for my Thursday Zoom meeting. This time we will spend some time with Doug on Mystery Science!

    Time: May 28, 2020 03:00 PM


    Meeting ID: 885 3358 7760

    Password: 2R8Eve


    I’d love to hear back from my families. Even if it’s a quick reply to let me know you are all doing OK. Have a great week. Take care-Mrs. B.