Dear Family                                                                                                     

    I hope you are enjoying this amazing weather with your kiddos. I really miss my class and love being able to connect with them on the Tues./Thurs. Zoom meetings. It’s a great time for you to ask any questions you might have as well. If you are finding this “Learn from Home” thing overwhelming, please connect with me and we can start doing small things each week.

    This week I would love students to focus on their multiplication facts. We have been working on memorizing the multiples or “count bys” for each time’s table. The school has started a “May the Facts Be With You” program to encourage 3rd-5th graders to work a little bit each day on their memorization. At the end of this email is a Log that you can print out and track the time your child studies. Send me a picture of your log and I’ll let Ms. Fakkema know. If you are looking for multiplication practice to do at home, this link has some great ideas.

    Tired of reading the same books at home? Go to the Elementary Library for a form to check out books from our school library. Also, we can send home some books through our Friday Work Pick-Up program. Just let me know and I’ll get them to you. 

    Last, new classwork will go home every Friday from now on as per the district. If you want pen and pencil work for your child, new material can be picked up this Friday at the elementary building from 10-2. If you are happy having your child do lessons online that is fine with me as well. We are trying to offer something for everyone.


    Ms. Erica’s Zoom Meeting

    Time: Tuesday 5/12 1:00

    Meeting ID: 831 1028 9095
    Password: 7WT0wP

    Mrs. Bruland's Zoom Meeting

    Time: Thursday 5/14 3:00


    Meeting ID: 852 1516 7297

    Password: 9cgen2

    Fact Fluency Log