• I hope this week finds you happy and healthy. I’d like students to continue working on the online platforms (MobyMax, RAZ Kids, Type to Learn, etc.) If your child would like a break, packets were available last Friday 4/17. Everyone who wanted one should have been able to pick one up or one was delivered. The work in that packet will get kids through April. New packets will be available Friday May 4th. Look for them in the box with your child’s bus run. Packets do not need to be returned. I have sent the answers to math with the packet so parents can check their child’s work. If they are getting things wrong let’s talk and I’ll walk your child through it. This will be faster than returning work to me and me sending it back to you. If you send the “Book of Knowledge” back to me, your child will not be able to work in it. Students can always look on websites to find articles they are interested in to add to their book of knowledge.


    If kids want to try something new, go to Storyline. It’s a site that has famous actors and actresses reading book that are semi-animated. After the student listens to the book they can go to the La Conner School District Library page or click here and take an AR Test to see how well they comprehended the book. You can have them show you their score when they are done to see how well they did. I’m still looking at AR points!



    I think it’s time for students to do some science! Here is a link to a video with 10 different science experiments with materials you probably have at home already. With parent help, I’d like your child to try one or two experiments and then guess “Why?” that happened. What is the science behind it? Feel free to google the answer. I’d love to hear about which one you did or even video tape your experiment and send it to me!



    Students are required to do one hour of school work each day but that time can be broken up into 2-3 chunks. Here is a website, we used at school, to do some movement and break up the day. Check out “Cosmic Kids Yoga”. There are short videos and longer ones based on popular movies such as “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter”.  I’d love to hear what you thought of it!


    Lastly, we are going to start having zoom meetings with the class to just say “Hi” and catch up. Here is the link to the Zoom meeting. It can be done on phone, tablet or laptop. If you don’t get in the first time, don’t give up! It took me a few times to figure it out too.

    Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/97929117859?pwd=amVTN3IvRDBuN2dYTy9XaGZtWVR4Zz09

    Meeting ID: 979 2911 7859

    Password: 056452



    I miss my students terribly and I’d love to hear from them. They can message me through MobyMax, write me a letter, Face time, or Zoom. I just request that you are present during the online options. Take care!-Mrs. B.


    P.S. These weekly emails and activities are required by the district. However, the following graphic also applies:

    Public Service Announcement

    Please feel free to contact me anytime:



    Take care and stay safe!-Mrs. B.